Meet the Team

With a very successful wedding season at Deene Park complete for 2022 and very busy wedding planning season fully underway for 2023 and 2024, it seemed the perfect time to introduce the team behind your big day.

We know a lot goes in to planning a wedding from a couples point of view: researching venues and suppliers, visiting and sourcing quotes, communicating and (trying to at least) organising with friends and family.....

2 Emily Little Photography.jpg
Emily Little Photography

There is also a lot that goes in to managing and maintaining a venue and the wedding days. The work actually begins before you have even made contact with the venue, from creating the information to help you understand the venue, the photographs to help you visualise your day, the maintenance of socials to help you get to know the venue. It is has to be in place before you even enquire

Whilst there are many people that contribute to the success of a wedding season at Deene Park,
it seems only fair we start with the main lady herself:

3 Sarah Vivienne.jpg
Sarah Vivienne

Georgina, Wedding and Event Manager

If you have already had your day with us or you are getting married at Deene Park, you will definitely be familiar with this fabulous lady.

In the planning of your wedding, Georgina plans viewing days for you to fall in Love with the sites at Deene Park, dealing with all the necessary paper work, the planning meetings and on the day timescales, contacting your suppliers and retrieving their necessary insurance documents and often you will see her on the day too! Georgina is also responsible for the background runnings of the venue, such as the website, listings, open days, and SO much more... basically she’s a superwoman in the wedding industry.

As amazing as Georgina is, it is only fair that she gets some help... and we only entrust the
help of the very best!

4 Sky Photography.jpg
Sky Photography

Introducing Hannah

Hannah Rose is one of our professional freelance on the day Event Managers at Deene Park and we love her! If you are a bride from this year or last, you may recognise our flame haired Hannah as she manages the running of your day from the beginning until the very end! Hannah has her own award-winning wedding planning business and is definitely an expert when it comes to ensuring your wedding day runs seamlessly. Always cool and calm in any unexpected situation, she knows just how to solve literally anything! You may have seen earlier this year on our Instagram stories that Hannah saved the day with her travel sewing kit when the groom happened to have a slight with his trousers!

Another very familiar face around Deene Park is another of our
Wedding Managers, Jellann (or Jel)!

5 Rapid Image Uk.jpg
Rapid Image Uk

Introducing Jel

Many of you will have had her expert eye watching over your big day this year, coordinating every single detail from setting up with your suppliers in the morning to helping your guests into taxis at the end of the night. Jel is also  Georgina’s god-send assistant helping behind the scenes! You may also see her lovely face on viewing days, welcoming new couples to Deene Park and watching them fall in love with the beautiful estate! A master of many talents, Jel also runs her own wedding catering business with her chef husband, offering the most delicious pizza!!

On a wedding day it takes a few more helping hands to ensure all runs smoothly and on time and we could not run a day without our wider estate team: Rodney, Jobe, Adam and the rest of the amazing team. They help direct your guests around the estate, let your guests in and out, help with the heavy lifting and of course making sure you get home safely in your taxis at the end of the night. They are also part of the very strong team that helped create and finish the brand new Dibbins Wood site ready for our first weddings this year!

Alongside all the wonderful wedding planning, there is so much that goes on behind the scenes at Deene Park to ensure that the grounds and gardens are looking perfect all year round! This is an all weather job and it takes a dedicated Estate Team to keep everything tip top - Our events groundmen are responsible for all the wedding site mowing, maintenance and event preparation (goose poo removal is a speciality!)


There are many components that go in to making your wedding day run
smoothly, ultimately it all comes day to the perfect team!

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Nicole Amy Visuals